It looks like Shia LaBeouf isn't the only movie star willing to expose himself in a recent music video. While Daniel Radcliffe remains fully clothed in the new video for 'Beginners' by Slow Club, the actor goes on a drunken, emotional rampage that alludes to his previous personal battle with alcohol abuse.

Radcliffe, best known for his role as Harry Potter in the films based on J.K. Rowling's world-famous series, plays the part of a dark, tortured soul in Slow Club's 'Beginners' video. The video was shot on location in the Faltering Fullback pub in London.

The opening scene shows Radcliffe waking up in the empty bar, and it's clear that he’s already had quite a few drinks. He mouths the words to the song as he makes his way through the deserted pub, exhibiting a series of violent outbursts along the way. He punches a pole, slams into the bar and finishes off by knocking back a few leftover drinks before dancing on a table all alone. It's no secret that Radcliffe is a great actor, but perhaps these scenes are meant to remind us of his self-proclaimed alcohol dependency. The video draws to a close without resolution; he's no better off than when it first began.

'Beginners' appears on the British duo’s studio album 'Paradise,' released in 2011 via Moshi Moshi Records.

Watch Daniel Radcliffe in Slow Club's 'Beginners' Video