Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic discussed the possibility of further Nirvana reunions after their appearance at the Foo Fighters’ Cal Jam earlier this month.

The pair, along with Nirvana's touring guitarist Pat Smear, performed a six-track set with Joan Jett and other guests, marking only their second-billed appearance since the death of frontman Kurt Cobain in 1994.

“After we played the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame [in 2014], I considered the idea that, if there was an opportunity, we could do it again,” Grohl told Kerrang in a new interview. “But it’s delicate territory, and you can’t treat it like just another show. It’s very complicated and very special. In those moments, when it just happens naturally, I think is the best way.”

The Foo Fighters frontman also recalled preparations for the Cal Jam set. “When Pat, Krist and I sat down to go through those songs in a small rehearsal room with concrete walls, it fuckin’ sounded like Nirvana," he noted. "It was like being shot into outer space. Being able to play that [“Smells Like Team Spirit”] drum fill and break into the chorus … it’s spiritual, physical, emotional.”

Grohl recalled that they "would look at each other and smile, but the emotions would kind of go in waves, because there was someone missing – and you wish that you could still share those songs with Kurt.”

“Personally, it was great to play with those guys again, and to play those songs,” Novoselic, who appeared to have had a notably good time at Cal Jam, said. He added that he didn’t expect it to become “a regular thing” and he wanted to ensure “it won’t become a whole circus.”

On the possibility of writing new material together, the bassist replied, “I don’t see why not. Maybe if the right circumstances present themselves we’d do it, because we’ve done it before with Pat and with Paul McCartney on 'Cut Me Some Slack,' so why not?”

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