Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic is back with a new band, Giants in the Trees — and the video for their new song "Sasquatch."

The group, which came together last summer, consists of a quartet rounded out by vocalist Jillian Raye, drummer Erik Friend, and guitarist/harmonica player Ray Prestegard, all Washington residents who describe their efforts as pop/rock that's "inspired by the environment and culture of the Lower Columbia River."

"The band is not offended by terms like schmaltz," reads Giants in the Trees' Facebook page. "On the other hand, there are heavy groove numbers, screaming slide guitar and accordion. There is even an anthem — so raise your arms with the phone flashlights."

Any plans for a full-length release still seem fairly far off — as Novoselic told the Daily Astorian, he's currently enjoying the experience of starting over, building a set list with Giants in the Trees and watching the group's audience grow organically.

"It seems like people are into it," said Novoselic. "We get good applause. I appreciate that people stick through all the songs they’ve never heard before. When I go see a band, I expect to see songs that I like of theirs. With this band, we’re asking a lot more. Here’s this whole-new band, so I appreciate people coming out and sticking around."

Although he's been largely focused on non-musical pursuits like politics — and his degree in social sciences — in recent years, Novoselic added that music is something he always seems to "fall back into." And while Giants in the Trees are bound to attract widespread attention simply by virtue of their famous bassist's incredible career, he sounds committed to maintaining their homegrown direction.

"We can survive if we find our niche," he added. "And a lot of that is keeping it local."

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