A 25-year-old recording of a previously unreleased Dave Grohl song has resurfaced in an outtake from Grohl's HBO series Sonic Highways. You can hear the song, "Rent (Jerky Boys)," above. It features snippets from the Jerky Boys, of which Grohl says they were given a copy while on the road.

The outtake focuses on interview with Grohl's former Seattle roommate Barrett Jones, longtime producer for the Foo Fighters. The outtake was posted by Jones' Laundry Room Studio, and he puts the recording at approximately 1992. The two friends reminisce about the old days while listening to the old tracks, shouting over the music and trying to recall how the recordings came together.

Grohl frequently criticizes himself on the tracks, jokingly calling himself a "nerd."

The outtake also features an early version of "Floaty," recorded three years before the Foo Fighters' 1995 self-titled debut on which it was released.

Earlier this year, the series revealed another ancient recording by Grohl. "God Looks Down" was Grohl's first-ever recording, and dates back to 1990. "I sound like a girl,” he said upon hearing it. “I don’t think my balls had dropped yet."

In Sonic Highways, Grohl and his fellow Foo Fighters traveled across the country exploring the personal and cultural significance of music, bringing the artists to the forefront. The band recorded a track in each city for their album of the same name.

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