For Record Store Day, the Foo Fighters released their Songs From the Laundry Room 10” -- a project that required frontman Dave Grohl to dig through music he made with punk bands in his childhood hometown of Arlington, Virginia. Now, Grohl has shared another piece of his personal music history: a letter he wrote to Ian MacKaye at only 14 years old.

In the more than 30-year-old letter, Grohl asks the Fugazi and Minor Threat leader if he would put him in touch with anyone who can offer guidance in his rock and roll pursuits. The young Grohl wrote: “… Good thrash so I was wondering if you could give me some numbers or people to get in touch with. It would help. Thanx [sic].”

Presumably like the good high school student he was, Grohl even offered MacKaye his availability (“3-10 PM”) to call and return the correspondence.

Ahead of the Foos' RSD release, Grohl reflected on his early days making music in Arlington.

“There was a kid that lived not too far from me that had a four-track studio in the laundry room in his parents’ house, his name was Barrett Jones,” Grohl said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “He was the guy who bought the equipment and started figuring out how to record all of his friends’ bands. So the first time I ever recorded anything was with Barrett.”

More recently, Grohl joined Paul McCartney on stage at a London concert during which they performed the Beatles’ “I Saw Her Standing There.” Check that out here.

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