Following the success of the music documentary series Sonic Highways — which was nominated for a 2015 Primetime Emmy AwardFoo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl revealed that his visionary skills are now more sought after, as he's been asked to direct a variety of projects.

In a recent interview, he said:

I’ve gotten approaches, ever since the Sound City project. I started getting offers to do everything from narrative features to Heineken commercials. I get hit up with these things and I have to say, wait, I have this other job. It’s exciting.

He also addressed the series' Emmy nomination, saying:

It’s just the feeling of achievement. I didn’t finish high school, and I didn’t take lessons to learn how to play music. I always just followed my gut feeling. “OK, I think this is how you’re supposed to play the drums. I think this is how you’re supposed to play guitar. I think this is how you’re supposed to sing.” All of those things, I kind of figured that’s how you’re supposed to do it. When you accomplish something like that, you do feel a bit of pride because nobody told you what to do. As a rebellious little punk rock kid, I never wanted anybody to tell me how to do anything. I remember my first trip to Ikea, I brought the furniture home and threw the instructions away. I wanted to figure this out.

Check out the rest of the extensive interview here.

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