He hasn't announced a release date yet, but Dave Grohl is finished filming his upcoming documentary about Sound City, the Van Nuys recording facility that played host to a long list of platinum artists -- including Grohl's former band Nirvana -- before closing its doors in May 2011.

Grohl broke the news on the 'Sound City' Facebook page, announcing, "Guess what happened yesterday? Last day of shooting. It's all in the can." He then thanked the fans, writing, "High fives to YOU GUYS for coming along with us on this ride while we we make it. You're rad."

After opening its doors in 1969, Sound City became a studio of choice for artists like Fleetwood Mac and Neil Young, who recorded some of the biggest albums of the '70s in the building. Its popularity continued in later years, with Nirvana walking the halls along with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, and Metallica during the '90s.

Although the studio is no longer taking clients, its spirit lives on in Grohl's home studio, thanks to his decision to purchase its custom Neve mixing desk and install it for his own use.

'Sound City' includes interviews with a number of producers and former clients, including Butch Vig and Trent Reznor. Check out the trailer below.

Watch the 'Sound City' Trailer

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