David Bowie dancing on 'Soul Train' is a thing of beauty. He couldn't look more British if he tried. Bowie lip-synced his hit song 'Fame' on 'Soul Train,' but the snarly angst still comes through. He'd just been through some bad times with his management, and the song is a bit of a response to those bad times.

Bowie wrote 'Fame' with John Lennon after they had a long discussion about the problems that come with being a celebrity. Bowie called up his band, and they all recorded 'Fame' -- as well as a cover of the Beatles' 'Across the Universe' -- at the famous Electric Lady Studios. Both tracks ended up on Bowie's 1975 album 'Young Americans.'

The man once known as Ziggy Stardust answered a few questions from the audience before performing. One guy seemed to catch Bowie off-guard by asking if he was appearing alongside Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming film. Bowie was probably surprised by the total randomness of the question.

Bowie dances through another one of his soul songs, 'Golden Years,' during this performance. He initially offered 'Golden Years' to Elvis Presley -- but the King passed on it. So Bowie recorded it himself, and it wrapped up his soul/funk era. Soon after that, he recorded his legendary Berlin Trilogy -- 'Low,' 'Heroes' and 'Lodger.' Check out his performance of 'Golden Years' in the video below.

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