These days, remixes usually give moody ballads a dance-club lift and zesty beat. Re-engineering a rock song? That's more of a challenge.

Recently, New York-based singer David Bronson lent his guitar-heavy track 'Times' to beatmaker Silk Lung for a dramatic overhaul of the song's heavy innards. The blistering intro riff has been replaced with fried synth, layered with '80s-era electric snare and Bronson's voice, which croons with ease. It might as well be a long-lost Phil Collins track -- one armed with clanging computer chords and set adrift in a sea of dark wave.

"I was introduced to [Jim Orso aka Silk Lung] by one of his collaborators, jazz composer and vocalist Maria Neckam,” Bronson tells "I sent him the tracks, and his first draft was more or less what you hear on the remix. I was totally psyched, not only because I immediately loved it, but also because he managed to maintain the bones of the song, while making it obviously a different thing than the original.”

Bronson is wrapping up his next album 'The Long Lost,' with producer Godfrey Diamond, known for his work with Lou Reed. Might this mean more remixes are in store? In the meantime, click here to watch the 'Times (Silk Lung Remix)' video, which Bronson directed himself.

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