Whether he's in the studio or behind the camera, David Lynch is a master of weirding folks out. Tomorrow (Nov. 11), the brilliantly coiffed filmmaker and sometime musician drops the 12-inch single 'Bad the John Boy' via Sacred Bones, and earlier today, he debuted the tune via Pitchfork. Take a listen below.

Lynch cut the crawling electo-goth throbber with Dean Hurley during sessions for last year's 'The Big Dream' album, but according to the producer, the heretofore orphaned cut was never intended for that set.

"It was earmarked for something else entirely, but that thing didn’t happen in a way that required the song... so up until now, it was ‘a song with no home,'" Hurley says in a press release.

The single's B-side contains a 'Bad the John Boy' remix by Venetian Snares, aka Aaron Funk, and Hurley describes the Canadian beatmaker's version as "music for the end crawl of a bootlegged sci-fi/horror film that you borrowed from your friend’s older brother and caused you to realize for the first time that you were actually scared in broad daylight."

He might have also just said "Lynchian." Head over to Sacred Bones for more info.