According to a number of comments across the internet, David Pajo -- founding member of Slint -- intended to take his own life last night (Feb. 12), culminating it what appears to be a suicide note addressed to his wife on his personal website. Posts by concerned fans on a message board, however, indicate that EMS workers were able to intercede -- and Pajo is still alive.

Pajo seemingly directed followers to his suicide note via a post on his Instagram and Twitter accounts:

Pajo also accused his wife of carrying on an affair in previous tweets, as well as in his last blog entry, where he indicated he would hang himself.

On Instagram, he recently shared a photo of a tattoo of his wife and children's names on his arm, with a rope clearly visible in the background. He also posted a photo of himself with a noose around his neck on his personal website.

A recent update on Pajo's official Facebook page says:

There will be things said about our friend David in the press these coming days and he'll need our love and support. Feel free to comment here. Thank you -Simon.

In addition to co-founding Slint, Pajo has played with a number of other artists and bands including the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol, Will Oldham, Tortoise and Zwan.

UPDATE: David Pajo has shared a photo of him giving a thumbs up in the hospital: