Brooklyn's neo-shoegaze indie scene rears its head again -- this time in the form of the lively feelgood trio Dead Stars.

Dead Stars -- cousins Jaye and Jeff Moore, along with cohort John Watterberg -- are a sonic reversion to ‘90s garage fuzz, with just a slight modern-pop spin. The guys have put in more than two years of campaigning and collecting followers via high-energy grassroots rock shows -- complete with gnarly guitar solos, of course -- and they're finally ready to release their debut EP on Uninhabitable Mansions. Titled 'High Gain,' the digital set drops worldwide on June 4.

"'Waste Away' is about being content with doing nothing, and how there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that," Jeff Moore told "When we went into the studio, this song was barely a week old, so we had to make some quick decisions on the arrangement and what we wanted it to sound like. I guess that’s one of the reasons we enjoy it so much, the immediacy of it all."

While you wait patiently for these next six weeks to pass, so you can get your hands on the full release, check out the guys' next show, a May 9 gig at the Brooklyn venue 285 Kent alongside Chappo, Jangula and Slonk Donkerson.

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