The U.K.'s Deaf Club drop their new single just in time for a puddle-jumping visit to SXSW. Our friends at Mint Records have been busy lately, picking up artists from London to L.A. to NYC and dragging their stuff down to Austin, so they can all open for Nardwuar with Andrew WK.

Deaf Club spread a kind of female-fronted electronic sonic love that's very much in line with music recently made famous by Polica and Phantogram, injecting their songs with the same eerie atmosphere that fills the countryside and ancient church where they record.

"The recording of 'Break It Slow' is probably one our favourite recording experiences so far," singer Polly Mackey says. "Most of it was tracked in our friend's garage in the Surrey countryside, with the drums recorded in the gorgeous local church. It's definitely one of our mostly 'poppy' outputs, though lyrically, quite dark, which is always a contrast I've been drawn to."

Catch the group in Texas, and don't forget to RSVP.

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