It's been a long time since we heard that familiar "ah-ooh-ooh" followed by that twangy bass line and the sleepy guitar notes. 'Cannonball' was a breakout single for the Breeders, and a world hungry for more from the Pixies bassist embraced them immediately. So it must have been a blast to see the Deal sisters play together in such a small place.

Kim Deal played a solo set at Reckless Records in Chicago on Record Store Day a couple weeks ago. For this Breeders flashback, her twin sister Kelley joined her, playing some guitar and providing backing vocals. The sisters recently toured with the rest of the Breeders to celebrate the 20th anniversary edition of their hit album 'Last Splash.'

While the show seems like it would have been fun, it also seemed a little ragged. The former Pixies bassist also broke out a mostly solo acoustic version of 'Gigantic' that sent the crowd into a fit of applause, even though it seemed like she hadn't practiced one of her most famous Pixies tunes in a long time ... or tuned her guitar in a while either.

While it was great to see her playing that song on her own, she might have practiced it a few more times before playing the show. You can watch her perform 'Gigantic' in the video below.