‘Laggies’ is an indie rom-com, and while a story about a 20-something who needs to figure out her love life isn’t exactly typical fare for us at Diffuser, we’re excited to see it if for no other reason than because of the music.

Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard handled the score -- the soundtrack will be available Nov. 4 digitally and on CD Nov. 10 via Lakeshore Records.

The ‘Laggies’ official soundtrack covers a lot of ground with 22 tracks, and will be Gibbard’s first-ever score for the big screen. Fitting in nicely with the plot of the flick, the music will feature indie rock that Gibbard describes as “Seattle-centric.”

Check out the trailer for ‘Laggies’ below:

‘Laggies’ Soundtrack Track List
1. 'Main Titles’
2. 'Post Reunion’
3. 'A Pudding Bridge’
4. 'Dad Office Sign’
5. 'Meg’s Parents’ House’
6. 'East to West’
7. 'Garden’
8. 'Drive to Grocery’
9. 'Tp’
10. 'Post Picnic’
11. 'Drive Precall’
12. 'Tour of House’
13. 'Craig Megan Montage’
14. 'Drive to Meet’
15. 'Walk to Mex’
16. 'Craig Megan Hookup’
17. 'Annika Sees Makeout’
18. 'Arrest Jail’
19. 'Meg Comes Home’
20. 'On Way to Airport’
21. 'After Airport’
22. 'It’s Never Too Late’