In the midst of Winter Storm Juno's aftermath -- which for the most part in New York City, really didn't amount to much -- Death Cab for Cutie announced a surprise gig at the Music Hall of Williamsburg for Wednesday night (Jan. 28). It didn't take long for fans to snag all the tickets for what would undoubtedly be one of the most intimate Death Cab performances of 2015 (Music Hall has a 550-person occupancy).

On top of the sheer size of the venue, the gig also marked the band's first show in New York City since guitarist Chris Walla left -- and, most importantly, it was a preview of things to come with their new album, 'Kintsugi.'

Opening with a powerful rendition of 'I Will Possess Your Heart,' Ben Gibbard and company -- consisting of Nick Harmer on bass and Jason McGerr on drums, along with new additions Dave Depper on guitar and Zac Rae on keys -- never staggered throughout the night, and have arguably never sounded as good. So good, in fact, it was hard to believe this was only their second show of the new year. The chemistry onstage mixed with Gibbard's instantly recognizable timbre made for an unforgettable live experience.

While the bulk of the 22-song set focused on older material, Death Cab gave the crowd three new tracks from 'Kintsugi' -- the first three tracks on the album, actually: 'No Room in Frame,' 'Black Sun' and 'The Ghosts of Beverly Drive.' The rest of the night was surrounded by fan favorites like 'Title and Registration,' 'The New Year,' 'Soul Meets Body' and 'I Will Follow You Into the Dark' (the latter was a solo performance by Gibbard to open the encore, culminating in the ultimate Death Cab singalong -- video below).

Gibbard was obviously in high spirits playing to Williamsburg's packed Music Hall. Often throughout the set, he'd take a few moments to address and emphatically thank the crowd, introduce the new members of the band (Depper and Rae), or just take aim at Fox News' coverage of Juno ("They're f--king dicks!"). The most honest moment, though, came when Gibbard introduced 'Black Sun,' humbly saying about their upcoming record, "We apologize for the delay. We had a lot of s--t going on."

While there aren't any New York dates on Death Cab's current tour itinerary, the band did make an exciting announcement that they will be returning to the city for a gig at the world renowned Madison Square Garden. As you might imagine, the intimate crowd in Brooklyn erupted with jubilation.

As you wait for Death Cab for Cutie to come to your hometown -- and as we all wait to get our hands on 'Kintsugi' -- check out a few videos from last night's gig and get the full setlist below:

Death Cab for Cutie Perform 'Black Sun' at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Death Cab for Cutie Perform 'The Ghosts of Beverly Drive'

Ben Gibbard Performs 'I Will Follow You Into the Dark'

Death Cab for Cutie -- Setlist, Jan. 28, 2015
'I Will Possess Your Heart'
'Crooked Teeth'
'Why You'd Want to Live Here'
'Doors Unlocked and Open'
'Grapevine Fires'
'Black Sun'
'What Sarah Said'
'Title Track'
'The Ghosts of Beverly Drive'
'Company Calls'
'Company Calls Epilogue'
'Title and Registration'
'You Are a Tourist'
'The New Year'
'Soul Meets Body'
'The Sound of Settling'

'I Will Follow You Into the Dark'
'No Room in Frame'
'No Sunlight'

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