With Death Cab for Cutie's brand-new studio album, Kintsugi, rapidly approaching its March 31 release, the band has shared the disc's third single, "The Ghosts of Beverly Drive." You can listen to the driving track below.

The instrumentals on this spacey, post-rock tune are reminiscent of something that Angels and Airwaves would put out, with some additional influences from the Cure, and Ben Gibbard's vocals match its mellow-yet-stern energy. Previously, the band released "Black Sun" (check out the official video below) and "No Room in Frame." (All three of the tracks were performed by the band onstage during a surprise gig in Brooklyn.)

Kintsugi, which represents the Japanese technique of repairing damaged pottery, will serve as the band's eighth studio album, and their follow-up to 2011's outstanding Codes and Keys. It's also the band's first album since guitarist Chris Walla left (though, he did contribute to the LP). Kintsugi is due out March 31 via Atlantic Records.

Listen to Death Cab for Cutie's "The Ghosts of Beverly Drive"

Watch Death Cab for Cutie's Video for "Black Sun"

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