Ready for one hell of a wild ride? Take a seat, close your other browsers, crank your crappy computer speakers and hit play on Death Grips's 'Come Up and Get Me' video, a 13-minute mini-movie of epic weirdness, featuring a string of striking and stark black-and-white imagery accompanied by a dynamic sound collage of great contrasts.

It opens with six minutes of uneasy silence buttressed against an extended intro that -- suddenly and jarringly -- is sliced into by 'Come Up and Get Me,' the insane opening track from Death Grips 2012 album 'No Love Deep Web.' The visuals are equally arresting, with clips of Stefan “MC Ride” Burnett smoking while sitting in a char on a bed, eating (or rather scarfing down) a bouquet flowers, struggling as he hangs upside-down from his feet and more -- and all that is before the song even starts,