Following her self-titled debut, San Francisco singer-songwriter Debbie Neigher will release her sophomore effort, ‘Unravel,’ on Nov. 12.

On the new album, the singer aims to “unravel” vulnerabilities and embrace them in her lush baroque pop. She achieves this with her naturally self-aware songwriting and by expanding on the piano-centered foundation she set up with her debut. On her first album, much of the instrumentation was secondary to her piano playing, but in ‘Unravel,’ Neigher fills out the sound with lush organs, keyboards and synths.

While ‘Unravel’ speaks to putting vulnerabilities on the table, today’s free MP3, ‘I Am Ready,’ basks in its confidence. The forthcoming album was recorded to tape, thus conveying the album’s premise through its framework. While Neigher says this approach lets the natural “creaks and cracks” of the instrumentation show, the style also lends itself to the song’s built-in urgency, ultimately making for a positive anthem that finds the songstress declaring, “I am ready, ready to start.”

“I wrote ‘I Am Ready’ when I was very weighed down by my own insecurities, self doubt and fear. It was exhausting,” Neigher tells “I decided I was tired of being afraid all the time and was ready to fully embrace my whole self.”

“It is my hope that anyone who listens to this song gets an extra four minutes and eight seconds in their day to own how beautiful and badass they are,” she adds.

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