Flint, Mich.'s own Deer Widow is giving you a goddamn ultimatum with their resplendent emo single 'All My Exes Pay Their Taxes.' We can only assume that said exes are doing pretty darn well and living above the poverty line, while our heart-on-sleeve narrator continues to dwell on the past.

"This is the last time, I'll call / This is the last time that you'll hear my voice," frontman Chris Thibodeau sings in a wintry nasal. The song moves slowly, with heavy guitars flanking the earnest vocals.

Producer and sound engineer Marc Jacob Hudson (Saves the Day, Taking Back Sunday) is the perfect fit here, remaining true to early emo while letting Deer Widow give the genre a facelift.

"'All My Exes Pay Their Taxes' is a song about the people and places that affect your life so greatly that it is hard to forget them, even when you try," Deer Widow tell Diffuser.fm. "In a way, it very simply sums up the theme of our new record, which deals with taking the lessons you learn from life and evolving into something better."

Deer Widow's self-titled EP is available now on Bandcamp, via Save Your Generation Records.

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