Smashing Pumpkins’ camp threatened to sue Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox for regaling an audience at one of the band’s recent gigs with an alleged dispute between Cox and Billy Corgan, which the latter claims is a “complete fabrication.” Afterward, Cox retracted his statements and said he regretted his timing in relationship to the passing of Stone Temple Pilots leader and Corgan’s friend Scott Wieland.

Nevertheless, at a show in Philadelphia on Sunday (Dec. 6), Cox pressed his luck once more, improving a bit of the Pumpkins’ “Today” and working in lyrics that implored Corgan to not take legal action for which the Deerhunter singer-guitarist's dog Faulkner (a key inspiration behind the band's great new album Fading Frontier) would suffer the greatest consequences.

“I don’t even know you man, please don’t sue me,” Cox sang. “I love my dog, and I don’t have that much money. And I don’t think you’re the kind of person who’d starve somebody’s dog just to prove a point.”

Despite Cox asking concertgoers to not film the performance (“Whoever uploads that to YouTube can suck my dick,” he said), one fan, like Cox, threw caution to the wind and did just that. See for yourself in the video at the top of the page.

During a concert in Asheville, N.C., Cox origianlly claimed that, while opening for the Smashing Pumpkins in 2007, a member of the Pumpkins' crew shoved him against a wall after taking a bottle of water. He said that then led to an altercation with Corgan himself. He later walked back his story, saying it was merely his "recollection" of events.

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