The rollout for Deerhunter’s upcoming album, Fading Frontier, all began with a GIF that depicted frontman Bradford Cox morphing into his dog, Faulkner, which was in turn followed by a video for “Snakeskin” in which Cox and Faulkner are the stars. As such, you may have surmised Faulkner is nothing short of the apple of his owner’s eye (that's them together in the photo above). Now, we know the pup actually served as a key influence behind Deerhunter’s latest LP -- at least according to Cox’s “concept map” for the album.

Faulkner isn’t the sole inspiration behind Fading Frontier. Cox’s interactive map points us to Al Green, Tears for Fears, Tom Petty, R.E.M., Cox’s car accident last year, Laurie Spiegel, Pantone process yellow, Georgia state representative and Civil Rights leader John Lewis, that soulless new car smell, the decline of the music industry and Big Sur -- just to name a few. Cox’s map allows you to click on his varied influences, which then redirect to Wikipedia pages, YouTube videos and the like. Check it out for yourself below:

Fading Frontier is due out Oct. 16 via 4AD following 2013’s Monomania. You can pre-order a digital download at iTunes or grab the album on vinyl or CD at the label's website.

Deerhunter launch a U.S. tour on Oct. 17 in L.A. They’ll then play San Francisco’s Treasure Island Music Festival, plus concerts in Portland and Seattle before heading to Europe. They return to the states at the beginning of December before the tour concludes with a two-night residency in the band’s hometown of Atlanta on Jan. 8 and 9. Get more details right here.

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