In 1985, Kurt Cobain had just dropped out of high school and formed a band called Fecal Matter with drummer Greg Hokanson and bassist Dale Crover, who would go on to drum for the Melvins. Yesterday (Aug. 4), nearly 30 years later, the band's only demo, Illiteracy Will Prevail, was posted online. Listen to the 58-minute demo above, and check out the rough tracklist below.

Although it's not entirely clear what each of the songs is called, the last full song is an early version of "Downer," which Nirvana rerecorded for Bleach. Nirvana also rerecorded “Anorexorcist” and “Spank Thru,” both of which appeared on different rarity collections in the 2000s. As one Reddit user pointed out, a small bit of dialogue from the demo also appeared in the recent Cobain documentary Montage of HeckIlliteracy Will Prevail was recorded in Burien, Wash., in 1986.

After the Melvins began to take off and Crover devoted his time to the more successful group, Krist Novoselic got a hold of the demo and soon after formed Nirvana with Cobain.

Illiteracy Will Prevail Tracklist (via YouTube)
0:00 Sound of Dentage
4:50 Bambi Slaughter
8:24 Laminated Effect
10:42 Unknown #1
13:19 Unknown #2
17:15 Unknown #3
19:21 Unknown #4 (Unknown song mixed by Anorexorcist)
28:28 Unknown #5
33:05 Spank Thru
36:55 Blathers Log
38:24 Class of 86'
42:41 Unknown #6
45:08 Downer
48:09 Instramental (Instrumental version of Unknown #3)
49:48 Riffs & Devo

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