Desert Sharks are four lovely (not to be confused with delicate) ladies from Brooklyn who play raw punk 'n' roll reminiscent of the Ramones with some Blackhearts attitude and songwriting flare thrown in for good measure. 'I Know What I Want' is such a back-to-basics song that you'll feel guilty listening to it through laptop speakers instead of on vinyl -- or better yet, through road-weathered, turned-up amps in a wet garage.

Stephanie Gunther, front woman for Desert Sharks, sat down with to talk about the new single. "When I wrote the lyrics to 'I Know What I Want,' I was feeling really inspired by bands like the Kinks and the Troggs," she said. "'I Need You' by The Kinks is one of my favorite songs. [This song] is simple and straightforward: 'I know what I want, and it's you.'"

If the girls can keep up their natural authenticity and devotion to the genre, we won't be at all surprised if their next 7-inch comes out on Adeline, or if Joan Jett furnishes her own stamp of approval. Steph and crew are testaments to something the Exploited told me: Punk's not dead!

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