As the Boombox reported earlier today (Oct. 29), legendary rap group Wu-Tang Clan have unveiled the cover after for their upcoming sixth studio album, ‘A Better Tomorrow.’ When we saw it, we did a double-take; they merge different city icons into one landscape to create the cover -- much like what the Foo Fighters did for ‘Sonic Highways.’

Sure, Wu-Tang Clan include international landmarks like Paris’ Eiffel Tower, and yeah, it’s a different perspective -- but the concept of joining everything together into one scene harkens crystal clear images of the Foos’ new record.

While the cover for 'Sonic Highways' symbolizes the band's trek across the U.S. to record eight songs in eight studios in eight cities, 'A Better Tomorrow' features clouds in the shape of Wu-Tang Clan's symbol and, as the Boombox speculates, the skyline "could symbolize global unity or a harmonious existence between the nations."

Check out ‘Sonic Highways’ above and ‘A Better Tomorrow’ below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

'A Better Tomorrow'
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