If you pay close attention to Die Antwoord's "I Fink U Freeky," you'll hear Yo-Landi Vi$$er say, "We gonna have a nice time, kids." That line, given the context of the rest of the song's lyrics, is especially disturbing when paired with visuals from kids' show/nightmare fuel, Teletubbies.

Robert Jones, whose YouTube page is full of great videos, apparently felt that this unholy audio-visual union would help make the world a better place. Or a worse place. Or maybe he just thought it would be funny. Whatever his reasons, the video is pretty cool.

This isn't the first time some intrepid fan of music and the Teletubbies has wrought something strange and unleashed it upon the world. Back in April, another YouTuber named Christopher Brown let loose an unholy alliance between the Teletubbies and Joy Division.

In the meantime, Die Antwoord have kept themselves busy. They've been touring and headlining festivals this summer. And of course, they took some time out from being rap stars to be movie stars, too. They most recently starred in Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi adventure Chappie, in which the rap duo portrayed criminals who ended up teaching a sentient robot how to fit into society.

And while the Teletubbies mash-up is pretty weird, it's still not as weird as Die Antwoord's original video for "I Fink U Freeky." Take a look for yourself below (and be warned, it might be considered NSFW in some more uptight work environments):