Rock music and summer go together like hot dogs and buns. One without the other is, well ... what's the point? Whether it's cruising in a convertible with the top down and your favorite summer song blasting from your car stereo, getting down to some jams while throwing some meat on the grill or just chilling by the pool with some cool tunes, music is about as necessary as ingredients get come summer time.

It's also pretty much the busiest time of the year in the indie/alt rock world. With so many awesome festivals and tours keeping bands out on the road, there's always some amazing show going on somewhere -- and some craziness, too, judging by the WTF headlines we have listed below. Sometimes the best way to get through it all is by keeping the fridge stocked with cold beer all summer long -- with a drinking buddy to join you for the ride.

So go ahead and tell us who your dream summer 2012 drinking buddy would be, let us know what what album you couldn't stop listening to all summer long, and share the answers to all of the summer-themed questions we have for you here. You can vote up to once per hour until the polls close at 12PM ET on Aug. 31.


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