While we're not planning on investigating a 1999 Baltimore murder anytime soon, we are very excited to share the inaugural episode of Diffuser Radio, our brand-new, official podcast.

We're currently in the process of connecting all the appropriate wires to get Diffuser Radio up and running on iTunes, but in the meantime, you can stream -- and download! -- the first episode below via Soundcloud.

UPDATE: The wires have been connected! Subscribe to Diffuser Radio via iTunes.

Episode 001 is packed with news, conversations and music. In addition to running through a few of the major headlines that have crossed our desks, we host a roundtable with some of our regular columnists, discussing independent musicians and their business models -- and whether or not they need the support of record labels.

We're also thrilled to chat with Minnesota's own Actual Wolf in '001'; he fills us in on his own career path as an indie artist, and even performs his brand-new track, "Faded Days." Finally, the episode wraps up with clips from a recent edition of Mandatory Music:

We can promise you that Diffuser Radio will only grow and evolve from here. Expect a few changes over the course of the upcoming weeks, but one thing will remain, and that is our commitment to bringing the music conversation to you

What do you want us to cover in future roundtables? What musician do you want us to invite to the show? Let us know in the comments section below and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Most importantly, though, thank you for listening.

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