Oftentimes listening to the Dirty Projectors is a guarantee of gorgeously constructed harmonies, inventive guitar work and deceptively clever lyricism. That is not the case with 'Buckle Up.'

Put together as a tour-only giveaway, only a thousand 7-inch records of 'Buckle Up' have been pressed. While the Brooklyn-based band is currently on the road, would-be collectors can follow @DirtyProjectors, who will tweet out a password allowing the fortunate tweeple to get their hands on the precious vinyl.

The vinyl is probably more precious than the song. It's immediately obvious why David Longstreth and Co. decided to forgo putting this on 'Swing Lo, Magellan.' While their new album is intimate and pleasant, this track is brash and abrasive, a throwback to the 'Rise Above' days when they were covering Black Flag from memory.

The lyrics leave something to be desired: "You and I are lovers, we love each other" and "sometimes we're high-fiving" are a touch on the silly side, though, of course, with the Yale-educated Longstreth behind them, there must be some grand reasoning. Or maybe not.

Or maybe it's just a case of wanting what you can't have. Where are Amber Coffman and Angel Deradoorian's resplendent vocals? Where is the overpowering beauty of 'Stillness Is the Move'? Those sounds are on the albums, silly: There's a reason this is just for the tour, just for the Projectors-obsessed. Don't project your expectations too far.

Listen to the Dirty Projectors, 'Buckle Up'