You'll need to wait until July to get your hands on the new Dirty Projectors album, 'Swing Lo Magellan,' but the band has eased the wait a bit by releasing a video for the record's lead-off single, 'Gun Has No Trigger.'

Projectors frontman Dave Longstreth has described the concept for the video, which finds band members singing in front of colored backdrops, by saying it's "about the possibility for true dissent, and how I can't figure out what that could be."

Explained Longstreth in a press release, "What is a 2012 Exodus from the Society of the Spectacle (to mix language Situationist and Rastafari)? So we made a video from the iconography of the default profile image used by Facebook and Gmail, and also the look of the classic Apple iPod commercials. The colors in the background are the ones I think of when I hear the harmonies of Amber and Haley (via experimental synesthesia). Enjoy!"

Got all that? Check out the video below, and plot your own Exodus from the Society of the Spectacle while grooving to 'Gun Has No Trigger.' 'Swing Lo Magellan' is scheduled to arrive in stores on July 10.

Watch the Dirty Projectors 'Gun Has No Trigger' Video