"[It's] the end of great things," British director John Maclean says of his striking new video for 'Hand of Man,' the latest single off Django Django's self-titled debut album, which dropped last year. Describing the scene of the video shoot -- a party in a soon-to-be-demolished warehouse space in London -- he continues, “It was the last day in our friend’s building, which will inevitably be knocked down to make way for more dodgy flats with tiny triangle balconies.”

Maclean, a Bafta winner and the brother of Django drummer/producer Dave Maclean, shot the footage on nearly obsolete black-and-white Super 8 film, effectively contrasting the doomed vibe of the surroundings and medium with the band's own fresh-faced perspective. "Art, film and music studios destroyed to make way for fast-buck housing developers pricing the working classes and the artists out of central London ... [and] the beginning of great things, Django Django, the spirit of youth, integrity finding a way to live forever," he explains.