Brazilian singer and cellist Dom La Nena returns next week (Oct. 22) with the EP ‘Golondrina,' the follow-up to her full-length debut, ‘Ela.’ ‘Golondrina’ features one new song and three covers, including the National’s ‘Start a War.’ Today, is excited to premiere the video for that very song.

La Nena’s interpretation of 'Start a War' plays to what makes the original great. It’s an outwardly subdued — even reserved — track, but it slowly builds with its central message threatening what’s to come. La Nena adds a child-like delicacy and sweetness with her cello playing and singing.

When it came time to make a video for the cover, Dom La Nena turned to a person she felt could capture her in a natural light: her husband, Jeremiah.

“Jeremiah was the only person who could capture the ordinary moments of my life, along with some of the more uninhibited moments, as he knows me so well, he is able to capture the varied elements of my personality and translate them into the images that make up this intimate video,” Dom La Nena tells “I am not a very good actress, so when we work together, usually we just let the camera roll: no acting, no, 'Let’s make a movie.’ Jeremiah knows what to do to make it all feel natural and authentic.”

Jeremiah directed the video to visually reflect the intention and purpose behind the song and La Nena’s musical styling.

“We shot this video in Super 8, mostly in very low lighting, which plunges Dom in a grainy darkness that pictures the entropy we face every day in our civilized lives, and that the song indirectly evokes,” Jeremiah adds. “Among this chaos, Dom builds the song with her cello and loop pedal, as we can ritualize in our lives… a few chords we can dance to, a melody we can sing to.”