Dot Dash is a mega-group of sorts, consisting of musical mainstays from the D.C. scene. The quartet's members — Terry Banks (vocals, guitar), Jim Spellman (guitar), Hunter Bennett (bass) and Danny Ingram (drums) — did stints in such acts as Julie Ocean, the Saturday People and Youth Brigade, covering the musical spectrum from indie-pop to hardcore punk.

Together, these seasoned vets combine their skills to form something of a power-pop-meets-post-punk outfit.

The foursome is back with their third album, ‘Half-Remembered Dream,’ which follows 2011’s ‘Spark>Flame>Ember>Ash’ and 2012’s ‘Winter Garden Light.’ Today, we're offering for free download ‘Bloom/Decay,' one of the tracks from the new album, which landed in August via Canadian label The Beautiful Music.

“‘Bloom/Decay’ is the third track on ‘Half-Remembered Dream,’” the band tells “Not really sure what it’s about, maybe the passage of time, and things blooming and decaying and it’s got a slash in the title.”

Clearly, the guys of Dot Dash aren’t cynical or jaded. Despite having watching bands come and go, they deliver with ‘Bloom/Decay’ an up-tempo, super-addictive tune that makes us think nostalgia isn’t necessarily all that bad.

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