On March 10, Doug Burr is releasing his latest 7" single, "White Night, Black Light" b/w two B-sides, "Visible Noise" and "Never Gonna Be Young again." Today (March 5), Diffuser is ecstatic to team up with Burr to debut the title-track from the disc -- you can stream it in the audio player below.

With a fast-paced, grungy acoustic foundation, "White Night, Black Light" will either serve as a perfect introduction to Burr's genre-bending career or a refreshing taste of what he's been up to since 2010's O Ye Devastator. 

"I did intend for the song to be more driving -- I intended for the record as a whole to be a little louder and faster. It fit the themes of the record, and was a new direction for me, allowing me to stretch out in a new way," he tells us.

He adds, "[This is] the first song we tracked in the studio for the new record, and probably the quickest one to come together. Lyrically, it's a tie in with violence ... it's about false prophets in general, but specific imagery was derived from Jonestown."

For the uninitiated, Burr is referencing the Jonestown Massacre, a mass-suicide led by Jim Jones that resulted in the deaths of more than 900 people (on what was dubbed a "White Night").

You can get details on everything happening in Burr's world -- including how to get your hands on the "White Night, Black Light" 7" -- at his official website.