Dragonette are blowing up. Even before their collaboration with Martin Solveig on the monster hit "Hello," their songs were charting in Europe, and the band was touring with New Order and Duran Duran. Originally from Canada, they've lived in London for the past seven years, an experience that inspired the song 'Live In This City' from their new record, 'Bodyparts.' Today, we get a bangin' Database remix.

"We’ve been living in London the last seven years, and it was an arbitrary decision," says singer Martina Sorbara, describing the inspiration behind the track. "We have good friends, and we enjoy ourselves, and it’s kind of strange. It’s been a strange experience living in that isolated city where our work took us, without our families. Basically, after a show, there were girls backstage, and we were talking, and they said, 'You live in London? Why do you live there?' And we said ‘F---, I don’t know... umm... 'cause London can’t live without me?' It was a self-bolstering thing to say -- ‘Well London needs me!' And that’s kind of where the idea came from. Then Dan had written a song with a regular guitar progression; on my computer, we chopped it up and then I said, 'Oh yeah, this is where I can use this line.'"

Grab the 'Live In This City' Database remix below. 'Bodyparts' is out now.

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