As fans of '90s post-hardcore alt-rock act Drive Like Jehu prepare for the band's first show since their 1995 break-up, lead guitarist John Reis took some time to answer a few questions on Vish Khanna's 'Kreative Kontrol' podcast. During the nearly 50-minute long episode, Reis explains the band's decision to reunite and what their future looks like.

"The show isn't so much a show as it's kind of like a performance, a chance to collaborate with the Spreckels Pipe Organ located in Balboa Park, San Diego," Reis says on the podcast. "[It's a] massive outdoor instrument, it just has such a great sound. I've been going to the organ concerts there in the park for years, since I was a kid." It will no doubt be a unique performance as Drive Like Jehu's music never featured an organ.

This particular organ has been used to delight music enthusiasts since 1914. As Reis describes, it generates "so much sonic energy" and will be like "jamming with Godzilla or a dragon or a whale." (Visit the Spreckels Organ Society's official website here for more information on the remarkable outdoor instrument.)

Later, he explains that this particular show has been in the making for awhile now: "Since February, there’s been a dialogue about trying to get this to happen ... over the last month or so, things have been edging to where this is going to be a reality."

Regarding his fellow bandmates and the reunion, Reis says, "Everyone was really intrigued to not only play again but to see what it’s about … and there’s only one way to see what it’s about and that’s to do it."

So does this mean that there might be a full-blown Drive Like Jehu tour in the works? "We’re just doing this one show. There’s nothing else going on. The idea to play came about because of playing with the organ, because of this opportunity," he unfortunately states. "As for the future, I don’t know ... but there's nothing planned."

Reis also says that fans should expect a short show on Aug. 31, around five songs in 30 minutes. Fans can listen to the entire podcast here. For more info on the band's unique and free gig, visit Drive Like Jehu's official website here.

In the meantime, as you decide whether or not to head to the Drive Like Jehu reunion show, enjoy this set -- sans organ -- from '92:

Drive Like Jehu Perform in San Diego in 1992