In less than five years, post-hardcore rockers Drive Like Jehu released two albums, got signed to a major label and broke up. Now, nearly two decades since their last performance together as a band, the California quartet are reuniting for a free gig on Aug. 31 at Balboa Park in their hometown of San Diego. Get the details here.

Drive Like Jehu's self-titled debut album was released in 1991 and produced by Donnell Cameron (who would later go on to work with acts like Sublime, the Offspring and Bad Religion). The nine-track LP is full of ear-piercing arrangements that feel like they could go off the rails at any moment.

Following 'Drive Like Jehu' was no easy task, but the band -- after getting signed to Interscope Records -- exceeded expectations with their sophomore effort, 'Yank Crime.' While Cameron didn't sit in the producer's chair this time around, he did lend his engineering skills to the album. The cover art was created by frontman and guitarist Rick Froberg.

A year after 'Yank Crime' dropped, Drive Like Jehu broke up.

Nineteen years later, thanks to an announcement on their Facebook fan page -- the only update on the page, by the way -- and a simple website, fans are being treated to a reunion many never thought they'd see.

Will there be more Drive Like Jehu shows? Is this a one-time thing? Could there be a new album in the works? Only time will tell, but if one good thing comes from this announcement (besides the show itself), it's that we had an excuse to immerse ourselves in some near-perfect '90s rock and roll.

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