The drummer for Goodbye to Gravity — the Romanian band playing during a horrific fire at a Bucharest nightclub last month — died Sunday evening (Nov. 8), according to the medical director of the state burns hospital, Cristian Nitescu. The death of Bogdan Enache brings brings the number of fatalities caused by the fire to 45.

Enache was being transported on a military plane to Zurich, Switzerland, for treatment of his burns, when he reportedly went into cardiorespiratory failure. The plane returned course to Bucharest while medics tried to resuscitate Enache for 70 minutes, but he died after the plane landed in Romania.

The Interior Ministry released the following statement:

At the request of the Interior Ministry's Department for Emergency Situations, a Cessna Citation aircraft of the General Inspectorate of Aviation, with special medical equipment for the air transport of victims, left on Sunday, around [4:20 p.m.] to Zurich, Switzerland, on an humanitarian emergency mission, for the transfer of one patient injured in the fire at Colectiv club."

Goodbye to Gravity were playing an album release show at Colectiv on Oct. 30 when pyrotechnics set the club ablaze, quickly killing dozens and injuring hundreds. Guitarists Vlad Telea and Mihai Alexandru were among the 26 people who were killed the day of the fire, while singer Andrei Galut and bassist Alex Pascu were hospitalized for burns and smoke inhalation. Galut has been transferred to a treatment center in the Netherlands and Pascu's family was reportedly trying to have him moved to a hospital abroad.

Police arrested the club owners last week while Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta and his Cabinet resigned Wednesday after mass protests, which have continued throughout the week. Sunday, President Klaus Iohannis appeared at a protest and was booed by demonstrators calling for his resignation. He called on Romania's civil society to help consult for a new government.

He posted on Facebook: "I saw revolt (in the square), but also hope that things can change. I told people to stay involved, that only together we can all make Romania the country we want it to be."