You're not supposed to judge things based on their cover, but what do you do when their titles are obnoxiously self-satisfying?

We're not talking about album titles that are just bad. Paul McCartney naming an album 'Kisses On the Bottom' is bad. (It's apparently a reference to one of the songs he covers on the record, but not an obvious one.) No, the album titles we're covering with this list are the ones that are meant to be clever in one way or another but wind up falling short into cliche territory.

While ska bands have been getting away with punny names for decades and self-referentiality is nothing new, here are 15 albums with titles that aren't quite as clever as they may seem -- whether they're messing with traditional conventions or (like Homer's barbershop quartet on 'The Simpsons') they're witty the first time you hear them but less funny each time after that.

Check out the gallery above for 15 of the dumbest "clever" album titles ever. Any other records not listed come to mind? Comment and share.

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