With Manchester's Dutch Uncles' fourth studio album, O Shudder, approaching its Feb. 24 release, the indie electro-pop band has unveiled the record for streaming, one week early. You can listen to the entire disc in the audio player below.

The new LP, which will be released via Memphis Industries, explores themes of pregnancy, social media, terrorism, divorce, sexual dysfunction, job seeking, health scares, doubt and love. The band had previously previewed the songs "In n Out," as well as "Decided Knowledge."

The group's frontman, Duncan Wallis, spoke about the album to the Guardian, stating that it “felt like a suitable narrative, as we ourselves approach our thirties where a lot of people are expected to feel sure about who they are and where they are going and just don't." It tells the story of an everyday suburban 20-year-old and his worn-out philosophy. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the identifiable theme -- share your comments below!