Most 17-year-olds are looking forward to finishing high school; Dylan Gardner has something a little more ambitious on his mind. The Arizona native's debut album, 'Adventures in Real Time,' comes out next week. But we've got an exclusive premiere of the whole thing right now.

The 10-track LP features an array of sounds that not only appeal to contemporary pop fans, but also old-school ones. There's something very Beatlesque about the teen's music.

“I’ve had this drive, ever since I was born, to keep working at it,” Gardner says. “I love the idea of constantly working on your craft and always trying to be a step ahead. Then at the end of your lifetime, you have this wide-spanning discography of music that you’re really proud of. I’m constantly in the pursuit of that.”

Tracks like 'I'm Nothing Without You' and the single, 'Let's Get Started,'are melody-fueld pop nuggets filled with sort of ornate orchestrations practiced by everyone from Vampire Weekend to Foster the People.

And check out Gardner's performance of 'Let's Get Started' below to see and hear that Beatles influence, which is even more prominent in 'Adventures' cuts 'I Think I'm Falling for Something' and 'With a Kiss.'

Gardner played drums as a toddler and later taught himself piano and guitar. That musical ability comes naturally. His dad Mark is the co-owner of Chicago's Naperville Music and is a founding member of the power-pop band the Kind.

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