Eagles of Death Metal made their triumphant return to Paris last night (Feb. 16), playing their first full show since the Nov. 13 terrorist attack at their Le Bataclan concert that killed 89 people in attendance.

Josh Homme, who hasn’t been touring with the band and wasn’t present for the Nov. 13 concert, joined his bandmates on stage at the Olympia Theatre. The venue was also equipped with heightened police security and a team of psychologists in case concertgoers’ post-traumatic stress disorder was triggered by the music.

Jesse Hughes, Homme and company played a set list that encompassed songs spanning their own catalog, including “Don’t Speak (I Came to Make a Bang)" from 2006’s Death By Sexy and "Speaking in Tongues" from their 2004 debut Peace, Love, Death Metal. They also worked in a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Brown Sugar.” By the show's end, the band took a bow and Hughes and Homme shared a heartfelt hug. Watch fan-made clips at the bottom of the page.

During an interview before the show, Hughes said he had “a sacred responsibility for me to finish this concert.”

“I think that’s what we really need to do is just have fun together so that we can put some of this s— behind us," he added, "and really leave it there so it doesn’t follow us around for the rest of our lives.”

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