Easy Lover is new Brooklyn duo Kali Holloway and Jeremy Wimmer, who fuse classic electronic keyboard sounds with guitars and Holloway's gorgeous voice to stunning effect. Today we get a sneak peek at their new EP and a free download of their single 'End of the Season.'

"There's something about a pop melody, the way a classic pop melody can prop up a whole song," Holloway tells Diffuser.fm. "Even when it's covered in dust and haze and warped by the lolling sounds around it -- and we like all those things, too, very much -- you can still hear it underneath in our songs, I think. It's just such a nice sound to wrap yourself in."

The band's Facebook page lists their genre as "lullabies and other stories," and indeed it is very much a nice sound. Holloway's voice rings out with the stark clarity of a pinged silver bell. But there's also pain and longing in the tune -- a kind of Kate Bush-esque yearning.

Though the band only has a self-released EP so far, they've already attracted a remix from Rewards (Aaron P from Chairlift), and we expect more good things in their future. Grab the free download of 'End of the Season' below.

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