Never one to subscribe to conventional genre wisdom, Supersuckers leader Eddie Spaghetti is back with his sophomore solo album, ‘The Value of Nothing,’ and once again, he's blurring lines between classic rock, punk and country.

‘The Value of Nothing’ is the follow-up to the rocker’s 2011 solo debut, ‘Sundowner,’ which included covers of tunes by everyone from Johnny Cash to the Dwarves, as well as some of his own songs. While the combination worked as a perfect representation of his divergent influences, ‘The Value of Nothing’ gives listeners an all-new, all-original helping of Spaghetti.

As frontman for the Supersuckers, Spaghetti has enjoyed a long career of breaking genre boundaries and creating tongue-in-cheek tunes. Those signature elements are present on ‘The Value of Nothing,’ even though the singer-guitarist originally wanted it to be an “authentic country” album. After partnering with Jesse Dayton, who has worked with the likes of Cash and Willie Nelson, they changed the record's direction, ultimately melding classic rock and country and tying it all together with Spaghetti’s humor.

We’re giving away the album’s title track as a today’s free MP3 download. It's a relentless roadhouse anthem, but Spaghetti’s gravely yet restrained vocals act as an anchor, as they have on all of his musical endeavors.

“I made up the song in about 20 minutes back at the hotel room, and I started thinking about this record and the type of songs I wanted to have on it,” Spaghetti tells “This song isn’t about anyone in particular, it’s more about everyone in general. I like that."

“‘The Value of Nothing’ was the first song written for my new record,” he adds. “I was in Australia and I read this Oscar Wilde quote about how people know the price of everything and the value of nothing, and bam! Just like that, it hit me. A song was born.”

‘The Value of Nothing’ drops June 18 via Bloodshot Records.

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