A little over a month ago, the official lineup for this year’s Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert was announced. In addition to Neil Young and Florence + the Machine (among others), Pearl Jam and Soundgarden were on the list; speculation began almost immediately: Would Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell collaborate to "reunite" Temple of the Dog?

Well, Friday night (Oct. 25), it happened. The two rock stars came together for the defunct band's classic, 'Hunger Strike.' Watch the dream come true in the video above.

"[This concert] gives you an excuse to see people who live in your own neighborhood ... and see people you normally don’t get to see," Vedder told the crowd as he brought Cornell out to the stage. During the entire performance, it was obvious the two were having the time of the lives -- and it didn't take long after the tune for Vedder to attack Cornell with a passionate hug.

This is more than just Vedder and Cornell getting back together though. With Matt Cameron on drums, Jeff Ament on bass and Mike McCready and Stone Gossard on guitars, this was a true reforming of Temple of the Dog -- the first, according to Rolling Stone, since they celebrated the release of ‘Pearl Jam Twenty’ in 2011.

Pearl Jam's performances at the Bridge School Benefit Concert marked the end of their 2014 North American tour. As we anxiously await their next run of live dates, enjoy their acoustic rendition of 'Given to Fly' from Friday night's show:

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