Unlike Jack White, who had a miserable time at a Chicago Cubs game earlier this week, Eddie Vedder had a blast when he attended Wrigley Field last night.

The Pearl Jam frontman, and longtime Cubs fan, threw out the first pitch, led a fan singalong of 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' during the seventh-inning stretch and generally seemed to have a good time with his family and friends. No word on how he felt about the team's 13-3 loss to the San Diego Padres, though.

You can watch various clips from Vedder's big night out above and below. He was there with other family members, including his uncle, who took a young Eddie to his very first baseball game years ago.

Apparently all the recent controversy following some onstage anti-war comments hasn't affected Vedder much. After letting everyone know he feels about the matter with a cover of John Lennon's eternal peace hymn 'Imagine,' which he performed in concert last weekend, he's ready to move on to other things ... like Cubs games.

And just because we like it so much, here's mad Jack White from his less joyful Cubs experience earlier in the week:

Comcast / Sportsnet
Comcast / Sportsnet

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