Some artists need to show off a whole song to generate buzz around a new project. All Run the Jewels needs is for El-P to post a 15-second Instagram video of primarily bass with the hashtag #RTJ3 to get everybody excited. That's what he did yesterday (May 14), so check it out below:

El-P's Twitter feed has been a wealth of Run the Jewels-related information this week. After posting the above clip, he provided clarity to the release date of Run the Jewels 3.

Before dropping the #RTJ3 bombshell, he also provided updates about the progress of Meow the Jewels, the remixed version of Run the Jewels 2 created with the help of various producers using cat noises, and retweeted one producer who made a trip to the zoo for the sake of the project.

The next few months are going to be great. Thank you, El-P and Killer Mike.