It's with intense pleasure that we bring you 'Waking World' from purists El Sportivo & the Blooz, a Brooklyn-based rock sensation that stands alongside labelmates Best Coast and Fidlar under the White Iris umbrella.

If you consider yourself not just a listener but also a connoisseur of authenticity in music, you're definitely going to want to keep your ear to the ground for Daron Hollowell and his crew. Their blues-tinged (in case you couldn't deduce by the name of his backing band) debut album 'Nights & Weekends' drops on Feb. 26, and we don't foresee it taking long for this fine batch of songs to float swiftly down the mainstream.

"One of my favorite parts of the creative process is the element of surprise intrinsic to the actual work of manifestation," Hollowell told "In rehearsals before recording 'Waking World,' we were going for a more ruff 'n' tumble rock 'n' roll-anthem type of feel. Yet somehow, through the process of recording, the final mix ended up having a more dreamy and haunting quality -- like one big long white cloud that slowly rolls between the pale blue of the sky and brownish red of the earth."

You hear that? While this particular track may be more on the ballad side of things, even his romanticized visualizations of songs are pretty damn rock 'n' roll. Get a load of this big long white cloud and keep up with the guys on Facebook.

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