Formed in 1991, Heatmiser failed to make a commercial dent with their music. Their legacy, however, remains strong due to one of its alumni, the late Elliott Smith.

Smith, however, was not the only member of the Portland-based band to continue with a career in music. Following their breakup in 1996, guitarist Neil Gust formed the band No. 2, which also included Gilly Ann Hanner and Paul Pulvirenti. Their debut album, No Memory, originally released in 1999, is set for a special reissue on Record Store Day, April 18, via Portland based Jackpot Records. The label calls it the "missing link between the end of Heatmiser and the beginning of Elliott Smith’s major label debut." This will be its first appearance on vinyl.

Smith contributed backing vocals to two of the albums songs, "Critical Mass" and "So Long," and also lent a hand in the mixing. The album features a guitar-driven pop style that expanded on the template set by Heatmiser. Jackpot Records has put together a nice video trailer for the album -- check it out below.

This new vinyl reissue was remastered for 180-gram wax from the original source tapes by Tony Lash. As a bonus, the package contains a download code for eight previously unheard bonus tracks including four home-recorded demos that feature Smith.

No Memory Reissue Track List
Side A
1. "Critical Mass"
2. "Never Felt Better"
3. "Move it Along"
4. "So Long"
5. "Just Answer the Man"
6. "Pop in C"

Side B
1. "Practicing Your Moves"
2. "Pop In a Minor"
3. "Nobody’s Satisfied"
4. "Parting Kiss"

Bonus Tracks
1. "Allistair" Chestnut (Harmony Mix)
2. "Powder Blue"
3. "Run Through"
4. "LIttle Face"
5. "Critical Mass" Demo
6. "Never Felt Better" Demo
7. "Practicing Your Moves" Demo
8. "Parting Kiss" Demo

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