Hip-hop has always been a young man's game, but just because you're old enough to remember somewhat obscure bits of '80s pop culture, it doesn't mean you can't spit with venom and relevance. Proof comes via Eminem's new 'Rap God' video, which features Detroit's finest dressed up like Mad Headroom, a Reagan-era computer-generated celebrity known for his dope Ray-Ban shades and stiff, stuttered comedic banter.

Max is a good fit for 'Rap God,' a tune on which Em also references '90s punching bags Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, flying his grown-ass-man flag tall and proud. Luckily, his insanely nimble rhyming reveals him to be anything but a nostalgic has-been, and 30 years from now, when it's battle-rap night at the nursing home, you best believe he'll be slaying grandpas left and right.